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National Recovery Service and First Collection Bureau combining efforts

The National Recovery Service and  First Collection Bureau NPJSC - the leaders in the market of overdue debt purchasing and outsourcing - announce a strategic partnership through combining efforts at the shareholders level.

  • 08.04.14
  • The National Recovery Agency and the Arbitration Court Agreed to Cooperate
  • National Recovery Service (NRS) and Arbitration Court of Moscow signed an agreement on cooperation in dealing with debtors. The Agreement stipulates that the Court will recommend the participants in the trial, in whose favor a ruling was made, to turn to NRS to recover debt from the debtors.
  • 26.03.14
  • Subscribers Owe More than 20 Billion Rubles to the Big Three
  • The volume of overdue payments for telecommunication services rose by 25% in the previous year. As of March 1, 2014, the debt of subscribers amounted to 23.5 billion rubles, 20 billion rubles of which are owed to the Big Three operator...
  • 14.03.14
  • More Loans – Less Payments
  • If in 2012 each tenth borrower who did not maintain his loans had two or more loans, in 2013 the number of such non-payers doubled. Now each fifth bad borrower transferred to recovery agencies does not pay for several loans at once.
  • 06.03.14
  • Insurance Coverage Lags behind Losses
  • According to estimates of the National Recovery Service recovery agency (NRS), the debts of causers of traffic accidents to insurers in 2013 increased by 26% and reached 22.1 billion rubles.