Non Performing Loans Management in Banking Sector

Banking is our major client group. Successful collection is built on a combination of knowledge, experience and technology.

Effective Solutions for Banks:

  • Focus on their core business
  • Decrease overdue accounts receivable in loan portfolios
  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce investment in non-core activities
  • Minimize reputational risks

Our Services:

  • Agency collection
    • 6-9 months (including legal services)

  • Full range of collections services
    • Early (soft) collection
    • Field (late) collection
    • Legal (court procedure support) collection

  • Coordination of the process of Federal Bailiffs on executive procedure
  • Skip tracing
  • Distressed debt portfolio purchases
  • Credit risk management and IT consulting

Pre-trial Collection Stage:

  • Data verification and skip tracing
  • Text messages
  • Written notification delivery
  • Placing calls
  • Visiting debtors
  • Collateral management

Judicial Proceedings Stage:

  • Preparation of application and submission resulting in Court Order
  • If no Court Order, NRS prepares the writ and presents it to the Court to obtain Judgment
  • NRS simultaneously searches for debtor’s property and applies for property attachment
  • NRS represents the bank’s interests in Court at all stages
  • Receipt of the final Court act and enforcement document

Execution Proceedings Stage:

  • NRS applies to the Bailiffs’ Service with the enforcement document
  • Cooperation with Bailiffs in enforcement procedures
  • Assistance in preparation of applications and notices to regulatory bodies
  • Search for Debtor’s property
  • Departure restriction of Debtors from the territory of Russia
  • Support and coordinate enforcement procedures
  • Information support
  • Appeal against Bailiff’s inaction (if necessary)
  • Organize execution against debtor’s property (evaluation, storage, selling through specialized company)
  • Receipt of the final Court act and enforcement document

NRS offers

Client recommendations - #1 rating in Russia

NRS’s DPA competitive advantages:

Superior Russia-specific IT