Collecting overdue debts for TELECOM sector companies

The rapid expansion of this sector of the economy has led to increased debts, and occasionally massive non-payment for specific services. National Recovery Service’s trained professionals can recover these funds in a more cost-effective manner because of the same specialization and economies of scale that make telecom companies successful.

Working with NRS will allow your firm to:

  • Decrease the level of your overdue debts
  • Reduce the costs of working with negligent subscribers
  • Improve your balance showings
  • Allow you to concentrate on your primary business
  • Minimize the risks to your reputation

How we work

National Recovery Service uses the segmentation approach to analyze your portfolio of debtors. We then develop collection strategies that are specific to your situation. As we implement these strategies, we provide high – quality information services that include regular reports on our work. Our qualified specialists use optimal IT systems to implement work-out procedures and advanced collection methods.

Our complex approach includes

  • Verification of subscribers’ data
  • Search of “disappeared” debtors and restoration of the absent data
  • Debt collection
  • Current payments monitoring
  • Representation of your company’s interests in any court and execution proceedings
  • Buying portions of the debt portfolio