Fuel and Energy Marketing Companies and Housing and Public Utilities

Managing bad debts in the housing companies sector

Effective management of overdue debts in these sectors requires a serious professional approach. Debtors will include both companies as well as individuals. Thus, effective collection of overdue debts must be multifaceted, and implemented by highly-trained staff with access to state of the art software and IT systems.

National Recovery Service offers two departments: one specializing in work with individuals and the other in work with businesses. This provides your firm with the highest quality option at a significantly lower cost.

NRS’s dedicated professionals will provide your firm with:

  • Faster repayment of retail debts
  • Increased circulation of assets
  • Optimized costs for recovering retail debts
  • Minimized reputational risks
  • Continued good relations with your borrowers

The way we do business

NRS’s success is based on close and constant contact with each individual debtor. This cooperative communication results in the most efficient process for collecting overdue debts. It also protects your firm’s reputation.

During this process of cooperation NRS provides:

  • Skip tracing and data verification
  • Debtor information analysis
  • A history of its work with each debtor

Our services include:

  • Corroborating the data, applied by the potential service receiver
  • Developing recommendations for managing debts
  • Monitoring the reliability of each debtor
  • Controlling the payments by each debtor