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Technology-savvy debt collection based on sound analytics, best practices in the industry and artificial intelligence

Why NRS?

For 14 years we’ve been assisting our partners to recover the debt on delinquent accounts.
more than 80 million delinquent accounts have already been processed
400 partners from different industries have already trusted us the recovery of outstanding funds

Our specifics

Debtor portfolio analysis based on scoring models; intelligent search of new contact data
Applying artificial intelligence to different in-house developments of robot-operator scenarios of scripts
In-house judicial pipeline: effective submittal of orders/suits/applications due to the experience with more than 2 Mio cases
Segmentation approach to submittals, unique experience with all regional courts and bailiffs departments

NRS services

Classical debt collection
Friendly collection
Late stage collection
Legal collection (writ and action proceedings)
Enforcement proceedings
Workforce outstaffing
Script workout
Recovering debt on delinquent commercial accounts
  • Classical outsourcing of debt recovery on ”awkward” delinquent accounts and portfolios, tried and tested by the in-house service at the soft collection stage.
  • We use all legal remote channels (sms, ivr, messengers, e-mail) and make phone calls using a unique robotic artificial intelligence system as well as relying on the expertise of best call-center specialists .
  • We pay one-off visits, carry out intellectual updating, search for missing data and use skip tracing.
  • A segmentation approach to debtor portfolio analysis based on scoring models ensures maximum efficiency in applying the entire toolkit
  • Notifying the partner’s clients automatically of the next installment (remittance of funds).
  • Drastic reduction of payment delay risks.
  • Sending a reminder of payment maturity: our robot or call-center employee will politely remind of the importance of timely funds remittance, advising on various ways of repayment.
  • Customized engagement with the debtor based on a soft negotiation style.
  • Using all legal remote channels (sms, ivr, messengers, e-mail), making phone calls using a unique robotic artificial intelligence system as well as relying on the expertise of best call-center specialists.
  • Our company is ready to make a most flexible approach to customer request and adjust cooperation with debtor in the manner providing to save him/her as customer’s client in future.
  • Suitable for partners who are highly sensitive of their engagement with debtors and for whom classical collection, despite its compliance with the Russian law, may involve reputational risks due to the lack of such experience and/or social orientation of the client’s business (housing and utilities, insurance and telecom companies, etc.).
  • A precession portfolio purge with maximum possible forgiveness for higher remuneration (commission).
  • Our employees offer their unique experience in restructuring and individual cessions they gained while working with clients and their own portfolios.
  • We will do everything we can to come to terms with all of your clients in late stage delinquency before you cede the right of claim to a new creditor, in order to maximally increase your return on the portfolio before sale.
  • Full partner support in court (from document package formation to representation of your interests during court proceedings).
  • Conduct of tests/pilot runs based on the NRS in-house judicial pipeline.
  • We propose collection options, charging for successful legal action, or debt recovery without any fixed payment for our effort on a long-term timeframe of a full work cycle.
  • We offer you our unique experience with all regional courts and bailiffs departments, a segmentation approach based on our experience of handling more than 2 Mio cases through our judicial pipeline.
  • Close interaction of our staff with local bailiffs.
  • Unique double support providing not only for working with bailiffs but also direct contacts with the debtor to maximize collection efficiency.
  • Applying all possible tools available at the enforcement stage, such as: a plea for a temporary ban on leaving a country for a debtor, seizure of property, bank accounts, etc.
  • Control over debtor’s property sale.
  • Unique market offer: integration of NRS staff with the partner’s in-house services.
  • NRS employees can organize the work with delinquent accounts inside a partner company, conduct regular staff training, perform quality control and other functions on partner’s demand.
  • This service is provided in a bundle with highly skilled experts who will raise the efficiency of debt recovery without any outsourcing.
  • This service spares partner companies the headache of staff recruiting, turnover and support.
  • The agency is entrusted with a share of new delinquent accounts from day 1+ and operates in parallel with the partner’s in-house service for a period of testing that lasts at least 12 months.
  • Benchmarking implies the agency’s full-scale involvement in the process of recovering outstanding funds from day one (or any other day as may be selected) and choosing a strategy at its own discretion.
  • As a result, you will be able to compare the collection efficiency of your in-house service with that of the agency (CR,%), given your outlay on commission (NetCR,%).
  • BPO-service providing partner with the services of mass notification/informing of clients or company employees according to a script.
  • Using a unique robot or call-center resources, we can conduct a survey, invite your clients to the office for an open doors event, or inform them about special offers and discounts, offering them your services and products via cold sales or the processing of current incoming requests, extend an insurance policy, verify data – i.e. accomplish any task at your request, as part of this service.
  • By using this service your company will save resources on creating an in-house telemarketing service
  • Corporate debt recovery at all stages: from preventing the arrears to legal collection and enforcement proceedings.
  • Key aspects of our work: wide experience of searching for contacts and skip tracing, engagement with the debtor’s management, beneficiaries and inner circle, analysis of document flow gaps, control of assets and financial standing.
  • 35% of corporate debts tackled by NRS are repaid at the prejudicial stage.
  • We’ve recovered outstanding funds on the accounts of gas and oil companies, housing and utilities providers, different manufacturing, power supply, insurance, telecom and other firms.
  • Forgiving the debt of individuals and legal entities via bankruptcy proceedings.
  • As we recover the debt at every stage we thoroughly analyze the outlook and give a client our recommendations on further action. If necessary, we initiate bankruptcy proceedings, keeping them under our control. Relying on our in-house practices and analytics, we develop a strategy of bankruptcy litigation, hold negotiations and offer the most convenient option of settling the situation for each party.
  • Developing a customized package of services to suit the partner.
  • We are ready to do something nobody has ever done on the collection market.
  • If you’ve got stuck in an uncommon situation or have some special preferences in dealing with delinquent customers we can customize a strategy for recovering the debt on delinquent accounts by using innovative collection tools and services to suit your company.

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