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Main advantages of working with NRS

In-house judicial pipeline with more than 2 Mio   cases already submitted
Scoring and rating, unique experience with all regional courts and bailiffs departments
Debt recovery support through additional engagement with the debtor
Accrued database of contacts for interaction  with courts and bailiffs
Administration of bankruptcy cases on delinquent consumer and commercial accounts, litigation
In-house service for recovery of heavy consumer and commercial debts
Skip tracing units for engagement with the Federal Bailiff Service and the debtor
Unique skip tracing and contact data upgrade system

Work stages

Judicial stage

  • Submittal and analysis of outstanding debts;
  • Scoring and rating;
  • Laying of the venue;
  • State duty payment;
  • Applying for a court order or writ;
  • Reviewing the act of court and readjustment;
  • Receiving a writ of enforcement.

Enforcement stage

  • Institution of enforcement proceedings;
  • Enforcement procedures and coercive recovery measures;
  • Enforcement of schedules, monitoring the timeliness of legal actions as well as the validity of denials;
  • Enforcing the debtor’s assets;
  • Disposing of the debtor’s assets.